Forensic technology

Our team leverages proven methodologies and utilizes innovative technologies to help your business manage the large amounts of electronic data that crosses your virtual desk to enable incident response or law enforcement investigation. We provide value-added solutions that enable your organization to identify, gather, store and create structured data-driven reports to remain one step ahead of malevolent or criminal incidents. This is done by analyzing your organization’s data for patterns, trends or anomalies that may point to fraud or other organizational misconduct - before they can make an impact on your business.

We are privileged to have used our skill sets to facilitate the essential work of dedicated law enforcement officers, both on state and federal levels. Our team has assisted them in their battle against human trafficking, forgery, drug trafficking and other forms of online criminal activity.


Data mining

Every business seeks to gain a competitive edge and provide customers with top, tailored services. With data mining services, Ht0 can help you uncover valuable customer information that can empower you to develop your business to meet and even exceed your customers’ expectations. Our services include the collection, conversion, classification and evaluation of business data to create actionable and mission-specific intelligence that enables you to identify and seize strategic new business opportunities. Our team is highly experienced in mining data across a wide variety of fields and verticals.

Forensic data analysis

Digital transformation has created a need for a more comprehensive practice of examining computer and other digital devices’ hard drives, databases, memory and network traffic for malicious or illegal activity. With respect to the law enforcement system, this can sometimes also include e-discovery work..At Hto, we provide forensic data analysis services that aim to shed light on your operational execution, optimize digital performance and reduce the incidence of onlinecrimes and fraudulent activities. We perform incident response operations and run commands to survey affected hosts to mitigate the effects of harmful situations and lead to their successful and timely resolution.

TOR and darknet consulting

At Ht0, we provide your business with TOR and darknet consulting services to help make every piece of relevant information visible to those who need it for organizational purposes. We have extensive experience in collecting actionable evidence of crimes from darknet resources for law enforcement officials. Previous projects included deanonymizing suspects’ systems and compiling investigatory support documents that included fake passports and evidence of human and drug trafficking

Human Trafficking Online Presence

Using our online investigative capabilities, Ht0 was able to help nab human traffickers and assist law enforcement in locating multiple victims. We continue to serve as a key online presence, looking out for evidence pointing to human trafficking behaviors.

Client case study


Ht0 developed developed a collection and analysis tool to locate and evaluate human trafficking evidence in both the clear and dark web for M1:ZERO,
a computer software company. The primary tool is currently being piloted by an FBI/DHS/MBI task force and was involved in several successful rescue missions.

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