About us

At Ht0, we deliver intelligence-driven security solutions and consulting services.

As technology became essential to the day-to-day operations of many otherwise non-technical businesses, a gap was formed. This gap exists in the space between the organization’s stated business goal (selling the product, execute a trade, etc.) and supporting the technological infrastructure required to do so. We saw our competitors, vendors and clients fail to adjust to this new reality and subsequently pay the price. This occurred over and over again, even in brand new firms, where business was conducted the “old fashioned way.” Eventually, these firms were run into the ground, simply because they did not tend to known and solvable problems.

Over time, our clients turned to management for assistance with issues such as: cybersecurity administration and incident response, software development, guidance and management DevOps implementation and more, hoping that this way they would be freed to focus on managing their business. This same gap was identified when working with law enforcement officials, enabling us to support some very courageous people in their fight against human trafficking.

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