Software architecture

These days, businesses depend on software products and their accompanying information technologies, which must meet extremely high and demanding standards. To attract and retain website users, software architectures must be robust, multi-functional, and optimized for use with different platforms and devices, flexible, simple to use and able to interact with third party applications. Architecture is what determines whether and how well your organization’s software can fulfill the tasks it was developed to perform.

At Ht0, we specialize in the development of software architecture that meets your business’ unique needs and caters to your particular client-base.


Requirement Analysis

Ht0 performs requirement analysis to best understand what businesses consider problems with their existing software architecture to be. The process also help us determine what they expect from our software architecture design and development services. We conduct a thorough feasibility study, examining the organization’s audience, exiting manual processes, problems, goals and scope. This enables us to identify all positions experiencing the problem and determine whether a new or improved solution is viable. We then create a requirements document, suitable for use by software developers, when planning any new system.

System Architecture

All of our systems are designed through a meticulous and detailed process that enables us to design a custom tailored to business challenges. This process includes the researching available technological solutions and tools and the creation of documentation like screen layouts, operational rules and process diagrams. The design elements we come up with are detailed enough to enable your organization’s software developers to create and implement the system.

Development leadership

At Ht0, we are more that your run-of-the-mill software solutions company. We provide existing development teams with guidance and build new teams from the ground-up, fostering within them leadership capabilities so that they can use our solutions to put an end to your business’ software problems. This enables any development team, in-house or outsourced, to create the designed system architecture for your organization.

QA Design

Our proven quality control process ensures that the designed software architecture responds to your business’ problems and can be implemented seamlessly within your organization. We build a quality assurance procedure that checks the software solution for accuracy and corrects any errors through a series of QA tests at unit, system and user acceptance levels. From data set and integration testing to regression and automation testing, our processes are highly detailed, so your business’ software will meet the needs of your organization and audience.

DevOps Management

DevOps ManagementThe ability to continuously exhibit improved business capabilities has become an absolute requirement of today’s digitally transformed business world. At Ht0, we help your organization perform faster, better and with greater business agility by implementing DevOps processes management. We select the tools that best suit your business’ needs and marry them with a clear procedure and role definition, enabling increased DevOps team productivity, greater operational resiliency, an accelerated time-to-market and robust realization and delivery of your organization’s digital ideas and solutions.

Client case study

VT systems

Visual Trading Is the amalgamated product of the merger of several FinTech firms. To provide VT with top software architecture, Ht0 had to manage multiple development teams, using varied stacks, including a Java-based trading platform, PHP-based CRM systems and a Python ERP system. We worked with the company’s leadership team to realize its organizational vision.

This was done by providing architectural guidance to divisions throughout the organization and establishing best practices for the integration of legacy code with our cutting-edge solution. Beeks Financial Cloud is a leader in the field of hosting for financial organizations. The company provides high-reliability, low-latency hosting services for global financial institutions. Ht0 oversaw their automation integration processes.We created customer-facing interfaces to allow for the management of dedicated and virtual infrastructure, automated billing services and internal processes.

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