Information Security

Ht0 has the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you keep your business safe from hacks and breaches.
We’ve developed a comprehensive and systematic set of business practices and tools that can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs, ensuring your important data and documents are only accessed by authorized persons.

We can ascertain the confidentiality and integrity of your infrastructure, throughout your data lifecycle.


Infrastructure Audit

Whether your computing setup is local, remote, dedicated, or shared on a “cloud,” the security of your data must only be placed in the most trustworthy of hands. Let us design customized Cybersecurity processes that your systems engineers can implement and maintain. We can provide periodic audits to keep you on the right track, as your needs evolve. Ht0 assesses the system's local and hosted infrastructure design and effectiveness in comparison with against industry standards and best practices.

Product Development

There are many concerns that a good Software Architect has to take into account, when bringing a development project to production. A common mistake is to heap security in the same pile as scalability or UX design, but they are very different. Missteps can lead to costly delays and at times, even bad reviews. A mistake in security design can mean the loss of trust, lost funds and worse. Ht0 Consulting can work with your development team to provide guidance, testing and best practices throughout the development process. We work through your stack to find vulnerabilities and provide tools to block specific attack vectors.


Integrating information security into your business’ day-to-day workflow increases the protection of your important assets and makes organizational processes much more efficient, so you can spend more time on the tasks and activities that will grow your business. Information security integration into your workflow ensures secure file sharing in the cloud, on your network and across and operating systems. This way, your organization’s devices enjoy a shared and secure digital space on which they can be productive, while avoiding hacks, breaches and engineering attacks.

Incident response

Security incidents and attacks can cripple your company’s operations. Our incident response services help you prepare for and prevent data breaches and network attacks. We use the most current security technology to analyze threat models and create prevention and preservation policies to minimize breaches and hacks, while still being highly prepared for the eventual incident - anticipated and unexpected alike. Our team will design detailed procedures to enable your business to respond to threats and handle possible future incidents to ensure business continuity.


Every technology comes with an accompanying infrastructure that supports it. At Ht0, cultivated the specialized skill of cryptocurrency infrastructure security. We protect your business from contentious hacking attempts during blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange and mining operations. We monitor and track your crypto coins and transactions, ensuring that your virtual funds remain real assets to your business, not losses.

Penetration testing

Most businesses are the target of random or directed attacks at one point or another. Penetration testing can help you assess any vulnerabilities within your software infrastructure, so that you can ensure your defenses are strong enough to withstand hacking attempts and stay two steps ahead of any plans cyber criminals may make.

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